"In North America there is one large animal that belongs almost entirely to the realm of towering rock and unmelting snow. Pressing hard against the upper limit of life's possibilities, it exists higher and steeper throughout the year than any other big beast on the continent. It is possibly the best and most complete mountaineer that ever existed on any continent. Oreamnos americanus is its scientific name. Its common name is mountain goat." -Douglas H. Chadwick

10″ Billy from Idaho’s Bitterroot Mountains

By Peter Muennich, Founder, President on December 28, 2015 in Member's Stories

After a summer of scouting and waiting for the billies to hair up Chad Hibbard finally found the billy he had been dreaming of. Monday September 28th Chad and his friends Dusty, Matt, and Scott found this goat several miles deep in the unit. He had more hair and heavier bases than all the other billies encountered on the hunt so with a few well placed shots his dream became reality. With horns measuring 10-3/8″ and 10-4/8″ with just over 5-2/8″ bases and a rough green score of 49-2/8″, Chad was more than pleased. The pack out was grueling but was well worth it. Hands down the most physically demanding hunt any of us have ever experienced.




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