2016 “Kid Goat Photo Contest” Results and Photos

Peter Muennich

Our second annual “Kid Goat Photo Contest” was another big success! Late May brought photo submissions from all over the continent. The competition was fierce and many capable conservationists and photographers alike hit the mountains in search of the fresh kid goats. We hope you enjoy these newborns as much as we do!

The photo above was the first submission that arrived on May 23 from Stewart, British Columbia, submitted by Gavin Olesiuk and Josh Veenstra. Well done, gentleman! You are our first place winners.

Idaho was next on the board with a kid goat found on May 27th by Casey Fairchild.

Adam Smith found the above kid goat on May 28th in Southeast Alaska.

May 29th brought two photo submissions, both from national parks, one in the United States and Canada. Above is a photo from Yellowstone National park submitted by Ramsey Allen.

RMGA Life Member, Darryn Epp, did not disappoint with his photo above from Banff National Park photos, also shot on may 29th.

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