RMGA's New Membership & Sponsorship Coordinators

Lyle Hebel

The Rocky Mountain Goat Alliance was founded by a group of dirtbag college grads who had more boot leather to donate to conservation than money. As we gained momentum, we’ve prided ourselves on being a conservation group who gets a lot done without huge funding. Backcountry volunteer projects still continue to be at the core of the work we conduct across the continent. RMGA members donate more than just annual dues to goat conservation.

 Our grassroots approach also came with its setbacks and hurdles. Fully operated by a team of volunteer committee and board members, RMGA came to a crossroads last winter. There was simply too much of a workload for a team of passionate volunteers to complete effectively. In order to better represent our members and pursue our mission, RMGA has hired both a Sponsorship and Membership Coordinator.

Ross Bruno was recently appointed as RMGA’s Sponsorship Coordinator. Corporate partnerships and conservation affiliations have always been some our strongest assets. Moving ahead, Ross will be RMGA’s lead on all sponsorship and affiliate relations. Ross’ experience in direct sales, creative marketing, and his collaborative approach to partnerships made him an easy hire. 

“We all have our summits to climb. It is great to see RMGA breaking new ground with sure footing” – Ross

Lee MacDonald was recently appointed as RMGA’s Membership Coordinator. RMGA members and volunteers are the backbone of our organization. Moving ahead, Lee will be RMGA’s lead on membership management and communications. Lee’s experience in membership growth and deep passion for mountain goat conservation make him a perfect fit.

 “Mountain Goats are the epitome of “wildthings in wild places”. They embody the spirit of a never ending quest for more in the form of farther and higher.  They are a monarch that we cannot afford to lose.” -Lee 

We are thrilled and honored to now be working closely with both Ross and Lee. We are excited for the momentum and direction RMGA has already taken this year and can’t wait to see where these two new conservation warriors will lead us. Lee and Ross can be reached at and Reach out to them! 

The climb is always tough to bring a young conservation organization from creation to reality. It’s the passion of our members and volunteers that is helping us reach new heights. LFG.

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