"Rocky Mountain Goat Alliance’s mission is to increase and enhance the management, range, and populations of Rocky Mountain Goats across both native and suitable non-native North American habitats without negatively impacting native ungulates while educating the public of ongoing conservation projects and petitioning for the expansion of sustainable hunting opportunities across the continent."

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Board of Directors

The RMGA Board is comprised of volunteers spread across Canada and the US that are passionate about mountain goats. Though their interests in goats may vary, the work of the Board is without doubt, all about the goats.


Regional Representatives

RMGA has regional representatives that volunteer to connect with local stakeholders and bring forward regional issues to the Board and the Science and Conservation Committee for review and consideration. 
If you are interested in volunteering as a regional representative, please contact us.
Current Regional Representatives:
Mandy Ensrud South Dakota
Wendy Dodd Montana
Thomas (Woody) Smith Utah
Jeff Agostinho British Columbia - South
Cole Birdsey Southern Colorado
Matt Jones British Columbia - Skeena/North
Adam Smith Alaska
Paul Forward South-central Alaska
Danny Coyne British Columbia - Okanogan
Chuck Middleton Idaho
Mike Keeley Alberta
Braydon Nichols Washington
Hunter Johnstone NW Montana/N Idaho