Officers & Directors

Abe Henderson
Board Member

Mountain goats are an icon of our continent’s most rugged, uninhabitable mountain landscapes.  I remember clearly my first encounter with these incredible animals.  I rounded the corner of a trail in the Chugach range of Alaska to see two goats clinging to the cliff face of a waterfall with a rainbow arching over their backs.  The sight made me stop in my tracks!  Later, as a hunting guide in Alaska, a client and I witnessed a herd of goats on Kodiak Island dodge repeated attempts by a mature brown bear to try and earn a meal. Goats and goat habitat have had a siren-like call to the hunter-adventurer in me ever since.  The moment I learned about the Rocky Mountain Goat Alliance, I joined the organization and signed up to volunteer for the Alpine Lakes goat survey in Washington. I wanted to be a part of improving the future of America’s mountain goats by getting involved in boots-on-the-ground volunteer efforts. If you’ve ever walked a high ridge and peeked over a rocky outcropping to see a herd of goats below as the sun sets over the valley far below, you know how sacred those places and those animals are. They deserve an organization of impassioned and committed advocates to bring not only their inherent value but also the challenges they face as a species into razor sharp focus until the future of the goats is secure.

Jason Haskell
Board Member

I am an outdoor enthusiast with a heart for the conservation of wild animals in wild places.  I am a Life Member of Pheasants Forever, Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, Wild Sheep Foundation and the Rocky Mountain Goat Alliance. Ever since my first run-in with a mountain goat in the backcountry of South Dakota’s Black Hills I have had a special place for them in my heart.  As soon as I was aware of RMGA and their mission, I have been working to help them to achieve their goals.  Serving as a member on the Board allows me to do this to the best of my abilities.  It is an honor, privilege and a responsibility that I attack in any way possible.

Jeremy Ruesink
Board Member

Jeremy is an Alaskan outfitter with an unmatched passion for mountain goats. He is the owner and operator of Rogue Expeditions and spends countless days every year in goat country. Jeremy’s enthusiasm for mountain goats will prove fundamental in the developing future conservation projects in Alaska.

Steve Gordon
Board Member

I am a biologist and manager for the government of British Columbia and have been involved in mountain goat management for more than 20 years. In coastal ecosystems, goats require mature coniferous forest to survive harsh winters. I have led projects to identify and protect key mountain goat winter range habitats across many areas of BC. I have also developed and led research projects related to helicopters and mountain goats, and contributed to design of effectiveness monitoring methods, management plans, impact assessments and tourism guidelines.

I have a Bachelor of Science (Biology) from Simon Fraser University and a Master of Science from Royal Roads University. For my MSc., I studied the effects of helicopter-logging on mountain goat behavior, and spent hundreds of days in the rugged coast mountains observing goats in their natural habitat. This solidified my lifelong fascination with this species and the incredible spaces it inhabits.

I am a member of the Northern Wild Sheep and Goat Council (currently on the Executive Committee) and a Regional Councilor for the BC College of Applied Biology. I have an extensive network among biologists in western Canada and the USA. I communicate wildlife science to students and the public through school talks and annual lectures at the local university.

I am an avid outdoorsman and spend every fall in the woods in pursuit of ungulates. Though mountain goats elude me, I have experienced more than my share of the vertigo and awe that clambering around on goat habitat creates!

Kevin White
Board Member

I am a wildlife research biologist for the Alaska Department of Fish and Game, Division of Wildlife Conservation based in Juneau, Alaska (since 2001). I received a BS degree from Humboldt State University and a MS degree from the University of Nevada- Reno. I currently specialize on mountain goat and moose research in southeastern Alaska. I started conducting mountain goat research in 2005 and currently have 4 active projects in southeastern Alaska (and collaborate on another on Kodiak island). My research projects focus on using field data to inform mountain goat management and conservation decisions, as well as, advancing knowledge about mountain goat ecology more broadly. In addition, I have also been dedicated to public outreach in order to disseminate information to the general public, user groups, agency staff and the scientific community.

Chris Blaskowski
Board Member

I grew up in Wisconsin and developed a love of the outdoors early in life. Nearly every moment of childhood was spent fishing, hunting, and exploring the nearby woods and waters. I pursued a career in Electrical construction to give me maximum flexibility in location to pursue my outdoor dreams. Eleven years ago I moved to Western Montana as I felt this place had almost unlimited outdoor adventure. Its proven to be a wonderful place I am proud to call home. All my spare time is spent pursuing my dreams, whether they be chasing elk in the high country, bowhunting with my wife Kim, or chasing birds with my dog Cain. From the moment I first discovered the RMGA I felt the need to help out. Within a week I was a life member and within a couple weeks I was headed to South Dakota to help on a goat survey in the Black Hills. I feel the need to help the RMGA develop into a great organization and feel its my duty to be on the board.

Jason Peak
Board Member

It is tough to write a hunting biography without using all the clichés like “hunting all my life” and “love the outdoors”. I have no doubt all the other candidates have at least as much of a passion for and experience in the outdoors as me. Luckily I am better defined as a family guy with two fantastic daughters and a beautiful, supportive wife that puts up with my hunting shenanigans.

 Professionally I am a practicing attorney in Reno, Nevada, specializing in civil litigation as a partner in a 16-attorney firm. Our firm is more than happy to provide pro bono or reduced-fee services to the right conservation organization, and have done so in the past with local waterfowl and wildlife groups.

I have taken my professional experience to the hunting industry by writing several articles for Eastman’s Journals on issues where hunting and the law meet. Hopefully these have helped hunters across the nation learn more about the law and the policies behind them. Sitka Gear’s Insight Blog has also been kind enough to post some of my submissions written while being one of the Gore Hunt Techs.

Two years ago I started River to Ridgeline, a social media effort focused on providing a platform for hunting stories and photos. The focus is on conservation and kids in the field, but we don’t discriminate—any good story or photo gets shared.

Rachel Ahtila
Board Member

Rachel Ahtila is an international hunting guide that was born and raised in Kelowna, British Columbia. Growing up with an outdoorsy family harbored her passion for the outdoors, leading her to an outfitters camp in northern British Columbia at the age of eleven. Finding her life’s passion out in the mountains fueled her to work the following years to obtain a guides license by nineteen. Notably, Rachel made her debut in 2011 featured on ‘Jim Shockey’s The Professionals’ in Season Two and Three, and ‘Jim Shockey’s Hunting Adventures’, and is full time columnist for Wild Deer & Hunting Adventures (Australia), as well as the 2013 Prois Award Winner. She was nominated as the youngest woman to be on the Board of Directors for the Wild Sheep Society of British Columbia in March of 2014, and is looking forward to working with the Board of Directors for the Rocky Mountain Goat Alliance. Rachel has fifteen years of working in this industry under her belt at only twenty-six years of age. She travels internationally during the guiding seasons, as well as hosts a variety of seminars at international tradeshows during the spring.

 “It’s the science behind the species and the conservation efforts that help protect and preserve the right to hunt. It’s the camaraderie that develops. It’s the tear on a persons face as they accomplish a hunt of lifetime. It’s sharing every step with them and making their dreams become a reality. Hunting is so much more than pulling the trigger on a hunt. It’s the past, it’s the present, and hopefully, it’s the future.”

-Rachel Ahtila

Adam Foss
Board Member

Originally from Calgary, Alberta, Adam began bow hunting at the age of 12 and by the age of 14, he was following his father, Tom, on weekend expeditions into the Rockies for bighorn sheep. Foss made history in 2012 when he completed his archery Four North American Wild Sheep (FNAWS) at the age of 24, the youngest person ever to do so. With a deep interest in wildlife and conservation fostered at a young age, Adam went on to obtain a B. Sc. in Environmental Science from Simon Fraser University in British Columbia. Together with his dad and brother, Cam, the ‘Band of Three‘ are no strangers to the mountain hunting community with their notorious successes and conservation efforts alike. The RMGA is more than excited to have Adam join our team and to bring his motivated attitude to our board.

Peter Muennich
Founder & President

Muennich’s passion for the outdoors began in his hometown of Cincinnati, Ohio where he grew up bow hunting whitetail deer. College brought Peter to the great state of Montana where his addiction of mountain hunting began. The beast the color of winter, as Douglas H. Chadwick once called them, has inspired Muennich for years. In 2011 after harvesting a billy of his own, the seed of the RMGA was planted. An animal this captivating deserved a conservation movement dedicated to their management, Muennich thought. With the help of  his colleagues and peers, the Goat Alliance was born. Peter is President of the RMGA and a member of the board of directors.