"In North America there is one large animal that belongs almost entirely to the realm of towering rock and unmelting snow. Pressing hard against the upper limit of life's possibilities, it exists higher and steeper throughout the year than any other big beast on the continent. It is possibly the best and most complete mountaineer that ever existed on any continent. Oreamnos americanus is its scientific name. Its common name is mountain goat." -Douglas H. Chadwick

Snowbasin Goat Survey – Northern Utah – July 15 & 16

By Peter Muennich, Founder, President on May 31, 2017 in Goat Alliance News

July 15-16 marks the 2017 Snowbasin Volunteer Project in northern Utah.  We are more than excited to once again lend our helping hand to the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources on this investigatory ground survey. Reintroduced in the mid 1990’s, the resident mountain goats of the Willard Peak unit have pioneered alpine habitat to the north and south of their original release site. Our objectives of this project will be to survey and document the resident mountain goats between Ogden Canyon Road and Interstate 84. If the population is again found in good health, the state of Utah will begin to look into opening a new hunting district. 

At 8:00am on July 15th, we will rendezvous at the Utah Division of Wildlife Resource’s Northern Region Office at 515 East 5300 South, Ogden, Utah 84405 (see map below). At the morning meeting, Regional Biologist, Chad Wilson, will brief us on the survey’s purpose and goals. We will disperse maps and data sheets for all volunteers and then divide into search teams. We will glass from roads below the goat habitat and ultimately ride Snowbasin’s gondola to the top of the mountain where we will disperse for an overnight survey.

We need your help! Anyone wanting to assist in this vital mountain goat survey should contact RMGA President, Pete Muennich at peter@goatalliance.org expressing your interest and availability. You can also reach Pete at (406) 551-5104. Volunteer participation is vital to the success of this project. We have a large search area to document and the more eyes and boots on the mountain the better. Please RSVP at your earliest convenience.


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